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A Cornishman born and bred, I spent much of my teens and my 20's surfing around the beautiful Cornish coast. As well as surfing, I started my interest in music in my seemed to go hand in hand at the time. Music took over from surfing, and I started working in the music industry as a professional in 1989. I've been lucky enough to have travelled to many places around the world including; USA, UAE, Russia, and many European destinations.

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After I stoped working in the music business for a while in 2008, I started to look at the world of voiceovers. and in 2009 I started to offer my voiceover services. And within just a few months I had secured several corporate style voiceovers for clients in the UK and Europe.

In 2010, I was successful in auditioning for my first TV commercial for a production company based in London. Since then, I have done many voiceovers for a wide variety of satisfied clients from all over the world. 

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